Accordion Man

My first out in Berlin since i got my trigger shipped, eager to shoot a portrait. Went to the intersection of Wilmersdorfer Straße and Bismark Straße ( big plaza out of what used to be a cobble street ) in hope to find some musicians or beggars or anyone willing to have their portrait taken by me. To my surprise … the beggars there having no problems sitting in the middle of the road harassing every person passing by for money or cigarettes suddenly develop principles when it comes to photography. They’ll all take 1 euro or a cigarette, but seriously have a problem with having their picture taken. Next time they’ll have a meeting with the far end of my telephoto lens ( How do you like me now ? )

Eventually I come across ( what looks to me like ) a gypsy accordion player. We talked a couple of minutes, found out that he was not a gypsy but had a dark skin and was subject to discrimination for it,  he wanted to know what was the point of me taking his picture ( i.e. if i make money of the picture ) and quickly agreed to have his picture taken. He has that “something” in his eyes, serious , sad … something …

The lighting is a combo of low exposure ambient light ( used for a general fill and a rim light ) and a flash diffused through a softbox used as the key.


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