I strobe my donkeys in the morning

Early Sunday morning I go to see a huge estate in the middle of the Tuscan plains with batteries almost out and dirty lenses (which were properly cleaned in the car on the way over ).  I had heard they have a bunch of animals there , including two donkeys and some funny looking goats … and having never seen a donkey in real life i was really excited. The estate is huge … a big Tuscan manor … decorated in a sort of classical Italian style, it all speaks to the character of those times, took us about 20 minutes to see half of the interior after which I got impatient and asked to be taken to the animal pen 😀

The sun was just rising and the sky was full of clouds, which meant the ambient light won’t overpower my flashes and the sky is closer in exposure range compared to the ground. I usually hate shooting in the mornings because the light get’s worse and worse by the minute, and unfortunately this morning wasn’t different, except for a couple o minutes when the sun came out form behind the clouds and illuminated the background from the left and i quickly adjusted my aperture and my shutter and shot a test frame , a frame with the donkey and another frame to be sure i have backup material to correct for any focus or texture problems that may occur (and that’s a good practice by the way).

I hope you enjoy it , Cheers !


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