Lucherini photo shoot

Shooting young …

Young people in their teen years are usually cranky, and moody and easily bored … and instead of going against their natural ways, and posing them in some attempt to create a perfect shot  … embrace them … after all you are trying to capture their true personality. I applied this theory in this shoot and i believe it truly brought the shot i produced to life.

Emma, Matteo and Alice

Shooting for location specific print

The initial idea for this shoot was to produce a shot that would go on a specific wall inside a doctor’s office. A slightly blue tinted gray paint ( very reflective ) covered all the walls of the office space, and all the painting that were hung there were saturated and alive.  I tried to keep the desaturated look to preserve continuity with the wall and at the same time have enough color to blend it in with the other frames in the office .

In time …

I plan to shoot them again in 5 and 10 years … in the same formula … to see the way their expressions mature as they grow … it should be interesting


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