Deuxvolt photo shoot

Yes I did … shoot a rock band, that is. Really nice working with creative people again … it sort of makes all the work I put in lighting and retouching worth while.

The Shoot

Even though we had planned two locations to shoot in, we ended up only shooting in one … in an apartment. I hung a sheet of grey material on the curtain support that was long about 8 meters … to be sure i get the feet on the gray as well, and i doubled the material on its self near the window to be sure that no ambient light passed through.

Then i balanced the distance from my key light to the background in order to get it to ballpark middle gray and the subjects properly exposed. The photos were to be used in compositions so a gray background was essential so the extra work really payed off.

I set up the back light with a gobo to ensure that no color contaminated my background and i was set.

We shot two sets of clothes, a cyber set, and a formal set … the images that follow are from the formal one.

The Band

The band has four members : Shade, Olympia, Just and Zerohm. Unfortunately i didn’t have enough time to retouch a photo of Zerohm. I’ll probably post one later





Even though this was a serious shoot, we all had a blast, they were all funny and relaxed which made my job ten times easier.

Group Shot

If you want to have a taste of their music then check out their WEBSITE or their MYSPACE .
Hope y’all like the shots … cheers !


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