Male model – Andrei

Even though working as a photographer is a lot of fun … some times a photo shoot can be tedious and boring , the subject may not be cooperating or working well with you. It takes more effort to get your subject in the right mood for the shoot than it takes to set up lights or take the shots. Well … i’m happy to say that it wasn’t the case with this shoot, it was a blast from start to finish.

Andrei : First Set

Andrei : First Set ( gotta love those greens)

The second set was shot in the afternoon, I saw a clearing … and i took advantage of it.
Andrei : Second Set (i really worked on this one … i processed my raw into different exposures so i coult properly expose everything)

Andrei : Second Set ( shot this wide and low)

Then I shot a Marlboro Man type of shot , and a Special FX one ( he was always talking about making an energy ball :)) so I made him one.

Andrei – Close up Marlboro shot

Making of : “Magic Ball”

Or try it on Vimeo


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