Wedding Fever

As some of you may know, for the past month I’ve been away in Romania, my home country. My girlfriend’s brother was getting married and I had no choice but to attend. I decided to shoot only part of the wedding as a favor to them and as a challenge for myself, given that i had never shot a wedding before.

They had already hired a team of two to deal with photography and video, and even though the photographer had a very good rep he still , somehow, managed to fuck up.

I shot with my 50mm 1.8 and threw my flash into the ceiling at half or quarter power to enhance the ambient light while he used a zoom lens and shot his flash into the faces of his subjects.  I really have a problem with these “so called” photographers that invite you into their offices, show you a portfolio of some of the best “lucky” shots they’ve made, you pay up expecting the best and end up with photos that your dad could have achieved with a compact digital camera. Here are some side by side shots :

Usually i have no problem with this kind of crap … except for the fact that he got payed 500 euros for his “effort” and that’s not cool.

NOW …. on to the main event … how I shot the wedding :

The Bride ( Carmen ) and The Groom ( Vas )

The Crowns, Cross and the Holy Bible ( i don’t know if they are used in catholic weddings, but in this orthodox wedding they were used)

I shot the groom with a bottle of wine as he was getting suited and booted using one flash directed to the grooms right into the ceiling. The distance from the back wall and it’s color made it a beautiful backdrop.

Moments later a saw the grooms father pick up the bottle and as i turned my camera he gave me the most expressive pose ever. What can i say … the man appreciates good wine, and it shows.

I hope y’all like’em, and fell free to comment and criticize (as long as it is constructive).


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