Long time … no blog

I’ve been a lazy hippo lately … and these past few weeks have been the most boring of my life. I’ve been a creative mess and a social void … but all will change (mostly due to the good weather coming). And now … the news :

– The “Santa Gabrielle Project” has been completed successfully, making it my first official paying photography job in Italy ( yeeeeeey for me). You may see a low resolution version of it HERE.

– I’ve designed and printed my first business card (100 pieces). I was also disappointed with the result … even though I went to the print shop before i even began designing to get margins and to make sure i design specifically for his printing capabilities, he still , somehow, managed to fuck up. I gave him 200 Mb/Side CMYK 6850×4252 16 bit images. NO EXCUSE !!! You can see a resized version of the front side HERE.

– Me and my colleague Chirvas Andrei have decided to challenge ourselves every week or so in hopes that our creativity meter will spike. The solution we came up with was that evey couple of weeks … we would disconnect from all messaging clients , choose a theme together , and have a week’s time to complete as many self portrait shots (including post processing) , and compare ideas and so on. This week’s theme was “THE INNER CHILD”, and i will be posting my shots here later on this week.

I wish everyone a very happy “coloured boiled egg day” and also a merry “chocolate bunny” day !!


2 responses

  1. Dan Martinas

    Your very first gig looks very nice….. Looking forward to other pictures

    P.S. Your first comment… Weeee 🙂

    April 6, 2010 at 9:07 am

    • Luca Andrei

      Hehe … yeah mate … i think i looks good enouh 😛
      Although it’s not my first comment :D:D
      Peace !

      April 6, 2010 at 12:46 pm

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