Dinner Detail Portrait

Ahh … dinner time in Tuscany … to some foreign people this probably sounds nothing short of a dream, that is … if said people enjoy sea food. Sadly … I’m not one of those people and even though every plate was ornate and colorfull i still could not get over the smell of raw fish that totally overpowered other herbs and spices at the table. So i had the pizza (quattro formaggi … for types of cheese)

I had the opportunity  to shoot Luca, a man who started out with nothing and through years of hard work and dedication managed to start and maintain a business without neglecting his family and friends (which is all the more impressive)

I placed a 430exII flash on a table to his left, pointing up focused at 105mm. Because the flash head position was actually lower than his face I placed it behind his wife, using her as a flag. I borrowed a shiny and reflective plate from the waiter that brought our food to use as a reflector to fill up his face and i shot him from a couple of meters with my 85mm f/1.8. Background was redone in post processing along with altering the skin tones to create a different mood.

I was hoping for a “powerful bud docile” feel … and i think i got it.


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